An Honest Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow Review

February 1, 2018

Let's get comfy and have some pillow talk – but not the kind you may assume! One conversation that many people fail to have with their sleeping partners (and even themselves) revolves around their sleeping habits; namely, the types of pillows that take residence on their beds. Although doctors, furniture purveyors and concerned mothers are quick to preach the benefits of a good mattress, the perks of pillows are arguably overlooked.

Where you rest your head at night can have an impact on your well-being, though. And if the day's aches and pains take center stage once the lights are off, sometimes multiple pillows are necessary to catch some z's. Chronic pain sufferers and expecting mothers are typically those most acquainted with this idea, but they aren't the only ones who can benefit from the support of additional pillows.

But why deal with three, four or more pillows when you only need one? The Snoogle is an all-in-one body pillow that provides the extra support you need, and then some. Keep reading to learn more about this innovative pillow that's reinventing bedtime across the globe.

The Snoogle's Standout Features

Contours to your body

Forget stiff pillows without any give. The Snoogle strikes the perfect balance between supportive and relaxed, allowing all 5 1/2 pounds of it to easily form to your body's unique curves. From head to toe, you can nestle into this body pillow and enjoy the sense of familiarity that makes it yours. 

Controls temperature

Cuddling with a partner is a timeless way to bond and unwind, but it's a terrible way to stay cool on warmer nights. As comforting and comfortable as it may be to hold onto a loved one, excess body heat can turn tender moments into sweat-filled ones.

The Snoogle may lack the personality of a significant other, but it also lacks body temperature. If staying dry at night is a problem, consider it as an energy-efficient alternative to a new fan.

Lowers and eliminates pain

This highlight shouldn't come as a surprise, considering that The Snoogle was invented by a Registered Nurse and mother. The pillow's unconventional shape allows you to tuck it between your knees, alleviating back pain and sciatica; it can also promote proper breathing at night, which is beneficial for those with sleep apnea, acid reflux or heartburn.

Adjustable for different heights and positions

Whether you're sleeping at night or relaxing during the day, this body pillow can adapt for any given situation. Its length and horseshoe-shaped head pillow allows for more or less slack, accommodating taller folks, while the extra-long midsection offers a support 'buffer' to ensure that any sitting or sleeping position doesn't sacrifice comfort. And in case of spills, don't worry; the pillow comes with a removable and machine-washable cover.

Pros and Cons


· Fits comfortably in a queen bed that sleeps two people

· Option for 100% cotton removable cover

· Shape versatility ensures comfort at all times

· Promotes side sleeping – a great feature for chronic snorers


· Large size makes it more difficult to store and move

· Pillow fabric is thinner than preferred, making it susceptible to rips

· Any color option besides Ivory is notably more expensive

If you're tired of being tired and ready to get a quality night's rest, invest in The Snoogle and transform the way you sleep tonight. If its reviews are any indication, it appeals to pregnant women more than anyone else. But its chameleonic characteristics make it the perfect fit – literally and figuratively – for anyone in the family.