Dexcom 'Stay in Range, Stay at Home' Ad Series

July 19, 2020

Shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic flipped the world on its head, I proposed that my team produce a timely series of display ads targeted at the Dexcom healthcare provider audience. Instead of promoting our flagship product, though, I wanted to engage them in a way that was sensitive to the uncertain circumstances--and more importantly, that would make them aware of branded telehealth resources that could provide value for their practices.

Since time spent within a patient's individualized glucose range (time in range, or TIR) is a measurable outcome related to diabetes management, I came up with a tagline that connected the concept to our work: stay in range, stay at home. Working with our design team, I led the expedited turnaround of static and animated ads that drove viewers to the telehealth resources page on the Dexcom website.